This website, intellectual property of SpeakEasy Burlesque, is considered as illegal and in violation of the national prohibition act established in 1920.
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About us

  • Elegance

  • Glamour

  • Mystery

  • Charm

  • Splendor

  • Seduction

Speakeasy Burlesque first took to the stage in 1914 2011, in a chic cabaret lounge tucked away in the basement of l’Abreuvoir bar on Ontario Street, Montreal.

This seductive setting and retro feel adds to the magic of our unforgettable events.

Prohibition         Art. 1350A


We took our name from the world-famous speakeasy movement. Born during the American prohibition in the 1920s, the term speakeasy was used to describe the illegal underground saloons of the time.  

Since our debut in December 2011, we’ve produced a host of private, sophisticated and always-original events in venues across the city, from ROUGE BAR and CLUB PEOPLE to the BELMONT and l’Olympia. We’ve also taken part in high-profile events including the Art & Tattoo Show Montreal and Zoofest. And we conceived the Grand Cabaret, a fun-filled extravagant yearly event, which recently starred Dita Von Teese.

Prohibition         Art. 1351A

Our expertise

Corporate and promotional events
Product launches
Experiential marketing
Parties, team building events, galas, weddings, birthdays
Boring events  without interest
Live entertainment
Dance, music, audio-visual effects, models
Shows of every scale
Choreography, artistic direction, design
Set and costumes design
Décor and costume design
Animation / Show girl
Costume rentals

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The Concept

Let us transport you back to a different era, losing yourself in timeless seduction. Speakeasy Burlesque has mastered the art of creative, unique and seductive entertainment, featuring both big name stars and emerging talent in our performances.

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and glamour as you step back in time to the American Prohibition era… when having fun demanded the utmost discretion.

Known for our welcoming, outgoing and original style, we’re dedicated to showing you and your guests an unforgettable good time. Our performances serve up the art of burlesque as captivating, fun entertainment.

Our artists will charm you with their energetic stage presence, theatrics, elegant movements and original, daring choreography. Our glamorous shows are designed for women as much as men, celebrating the female body in all its beautiful forms.

Prohibition         Art. 1353A

Our story

In 2011, burlesque artist Lavender May was sitting in a small cabaret bar tucked away in the basement of l’Abreuvoir. Inspired by the rococo décor, she was instantly transported back to the Prohibition era, when the fun and drinks flowed freely underground.

She decided then and there that this would be the perfect setting for burlesque. With the help of her friend, Speakeasy Burlesque was born.

Ever since, we’ve been seducing locals and visitors alike with our sensual intimate atmosphere, original themes and unique performances. As funny as they are sensual, our shows appeal to fans young and old. Once they discover the art of burlesque, they can’t wait to come back for more.

Everyone is welcome here in the spirit of fun and friendship. At Speakeasy Burlesque, we invite a diverse range of artists to perform. Our stages have been graced with established performers like Mademoiselle OuiOui Encore, Velma Candyass, BonBon Bombay, Cherry Typhoon, Madria, Lavender May and more. And we’ve been lucky enough to work with rising stars including Charl’E Pickle, Wild Ivory and Sheryl Black.

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